Do You Know How Micro Needling Works?

Your body consists of several systems that work together to keep you alive. Many of these systems rely upon organs, such as your heart, kidneys, or liver. Your biggest organ, however, is actually your skin. The skin helps protect all of your other organs, blood vessels, muscles, and more from the elements and outside contaminants. The skin stays firm, strong, yet flexible due to its chemical makeup, including from the proteins you often hear about when discussing skin issues: collagen and elastin. These two proteins are helpful in keeping skin youthful and firm, but as you get older, your body may produce less. As a result, you may wish to discover a way to help improve collagen and elastin production. One of these ways may be through micro needling. You can learn more about micro needling and other skin solutions at or similar websites.

What Is Micro Needling?

Also known as skin rolling, micro needling is a form of collagen induction therapy. During the micro needling process, very short, fine needles are pressed into the skin in one of two ways. Either the needles are applied with a derma pen or derma roller. The pen resembles a writing pen, but has a set of fine needles at the end, while the roller resembles a miniature paint roller with the small needles around the rolling piece. The process is often considered a less harsh alternative to lasers and peels, as it usually results in little to no downtime. Most people even find that the process is not painful, but rather a minor cause of discomfort.

What It Does

The micro needling process is often used on the face, hands, feet, arms, and legs, but can be used almost anywhere on the body. Common reasons for having micro needling done are for treating fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, pitting, stretch marks, and sun damage. The process is meant to activate the body’s natural healing process, spurring the production of collagen and elastin, and increasing blood flow. But the small openings created by the needles in the outer layer of the skin are also thought to allow better access for moisturizers and other topical treatments to the lower layers of skin.

Further Considerations

When considering micro needling treatments, it is highly recommended to consult a professional first. Make sure that you choose a trusted professional, who either uses a new roller or pen for each patient, or thoroughly sterilizes the tools in between patients. While you may be tempted to try at-home products, this can be more detrimental than helpful to your skin. If you feel you would benefit from at-home treatments, a professional can assist you in the proper length of the needles you should be using, how to use the tool properly, and in monitoring the amount of creams and other products you apply after micro needling. Needling too often, too hard, with a tool that is too long can result in painful, potentially damaging effects to the skin. To learn more about micro needling and other skin treatments, visit or similar websites. 

What You’ll Learn in Nail Technician School

If you enjoy the details of personal care, love detail, and have good people skills, you may want to consider a profession in cosmetology. There are many different facets of cosmetology professions to consider. You may choose to do hair, sell beauty products, teach, or become a nail technician. When you enroll today in nail technician school, these are a few of things you can expect to learn.

Manicures and Pedicures

An important service many people expect from a nail technician is a manicure or pedicure. A manicure is more than painting nails, although polishing is an important skill to learn. In addition to nail polishing, you will be taught how to properly clean the skin, cuticles, and nail beds around the fingernails and toenails. Another popular element of a manicure or pedicure is a hand or foot massage, which you will be trained to do.


It’s essential for nail technicians to understand and apply sanitary measures in this trade. Students are taught proper ways to sanitize the work area and tools, so that every customer has a safe, clean environment. You will learn about specific safety regulations and laws that you will be required to follow. Along with sanitary procedures, students are taught about body systems, infectious diseases, fungi, and bacterial infections. This education will help you know which conditions you can treat, how to treat them, and when to refer the customer to a physician. 

Nail Enhancement

Nail enhancement includes the application of many types of products. This may include artificial nails made of fiberglass, acrylic, or gel. Nail tip application is another popular service that you will be instructed on. You will learn how to prepare sculpted nails, and may also learn fancy techniques, such as airbrushing.

Customer Satisfaction

An important aspect of any career in cosmetology is customer loyalty. It’s important for nail technicians to build up a loyal client base. This not only provides financial stability in your career, but provides emotional satisfaction in your career as well. You will learn important customer relation techniques, and learn how to examine a client’s hands and feet to know which services are best. This can also help you identify potential problems that need to be addressed. You can learn all these techniques and have a rewarding career when you enroll today in cosmetology school.

Bring Your Hair to Life with the Right Products

Who doesn’t want to feel good in their own skin? Everybody does. It is easy to see why the media causes such frenzy around the latest fashion, beauty products, hairstyles, color themes, and trends circling the globe. You want to look and feel your best and feeling your best does not have to be hard. When you visit your favorite salon, you will want to view our selection of hair products designed specifically for your hair and beauty needs.

It is important to note that not every head of hair is created equally. Some people have really thick hair full of body, but very heavy. When dealing with this type of hair, you will want your stylist to lighten up the overall amount of hair with a specific cutting technique designed to weed out some of the hair. This allows for a lighter movement. You will also want to use lighter hair products that do not add the weightiness of the hair.

Perhaps you have very fine, wispy hair. In this case, you do not want to overuse product either. If you use too much product or something that is heavy or sticky, it can make your hair look greasy and lifeless. If you are born with those luscious natural curls, you will want to find the right products to lift and enhance the curl in your hair. If your hair struggles to keep any curl at all, there are also products designed to make your hair grittier and easier to hold on to with a curling iron or other styling tool.

Sometimes it takes a little manipulation, but in the end, you will be able to achieve the desired look. When you view our selection of high-end products, you are sure to find something you cannot go without. It is so important that you find the right tools and products to give your hair the support it needs to look its very best.

Benefits of a Beauty School Degree

Attending beauty or cosmetology school sometimes has negative connotations of not being a viable career option or a financially responsible endeavor. However, these ideas are completely false. The cosmetic industry is only growing, providing a vast array of opportunities and options. Enrolling in a beauty school in Louisville is a great option for those who like working with, and helping people and have an interest in the beauty industry. With so many career paths and job options, most beauty school graduates are able to find a solution that perfectly fits their needs. Prospective students who are interested should not hesitate to learn more about their options and various cosmetology programs. 

Job Security and Expansion

One of the major benefits to the beauty industry is that there is substantial job security. Hair stylists, nail technicians, and similar positions, will not be taken over by machines or robots and the jobs will never be outsourced. Even with a struggling economy, these professionals are able to make money. These jobs will always be in demand in all areas, allowing for flexibility and individualization for the working professional. There is an opportunity to grow and expand with skills and experience as well; it’s not a stagnant or dead end career path. For example, many individuals go on to be marketers, salon owners, product designers, and much more. 

Find Fulfillment

Any experience helps, but usually there is no prior experience needed to enroll in a cosmetology program. A high-quality program will have hands on learning with attentive instructors. Each program should prepare their students to jump right in to the job market. Many individuals are hired right after graduation because there is such high job placement for these careers. The hands on approach combined with customer service are a dream for many people. For example, through a simple procedure or treatment, clients can look better and feel more confident than when they walked in the door. Some people search their whole lives to try and find a similar fulfillment. 

Personalized Opportunities

Don’t underestimate the importance and worth of a beauty school degree. The flexibility and various available options allow anyone to find the career of his or her dreams. Additionally, with the beauty industry consistently growing, it is a financially beneficial career move as well, with a chance to make even more money with experience and advancements. Beauty school in Louisville could be the answer you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to check out the available options and see if enrolling in a cosmetology school is right for you. 

How to Survive Your Child’s First Haircut

Some babies come out of the womb as hirsute as Grizzly Adams himself. Other babies grow their first head of hair so slowly that you worry that they might stay bald forever like Charlie Brown. In either case, barring some kind of strange genetic disorder that keeps your kid’s head smooth for life, you’ll eventually have to take your child to a barber shop or a salon for the dreaded first haircut. Unfortunately, baby’s first haircut will probably coincide with the period in his life where personal space and nervousness around strangers are among his most major concerns. Can you imagine being at that period in your life when suddenly your parents take you to strange place, drape you in a plastic tarp, and force you sit in a weird chair where a stranger will squirt you with water and brandish a pair of scissors at your tender little head? You probably can’t, because the experience was so traumatizing for you that you blocked it from your memory. Traditionally, a child’s first haircut is accompanied by bloodcurdling shrieks and fearful tears. However, by visiting a salon that specializes in children’s haircuts and beauty supply in Santa Monica, you can ensure that your baby’s first hair appointment results in smiles and a great looking coiffure.


Preparing Your Toddler


One of the best things you can do to prepare your child for his first haircut is to get a haircut yourself. Small children don’t always react well to surprises, which is why sitting in the barber chair for the first time might be a scary experience. Talk to your child about what a haircut is and why it’s important to get one. You can even take a pair of scissors at home and cut a small amount of hair from your head to show that it doesn’t hurt. Then, get your hair cut by a professional and take your child along with you. Talk to him throughout the process and explain to him what everything is and what the barber or stylist is doing. By spending an afternoon clearly communicating with your child, you can avoid a major scene at the salon when it’s time for him to have his locks shortened.


Finding the Right Stylist


You may enjoy your regular haircuts down at a traditional barber shop with a striped pole outside. But, as great a conversationalist as Floyd the Barber may be, your child might just see a big scary man with sharp pair of scissors and a weird disinfectant sort of smell. Your child’s first haircut might be a better experience if you take him to a shop that specializes in children’s haircuts and beauty supply in Santa Monica. These kinds of salons have built their business model around making sure that baby’s first experience with the barber is fun and stress-free. The stylists who work at these salons also know how keep children entertained during the cut, and how to offer incentives like small toys or candy in exchange for being brave. If your kid’s hair is getting shaggy, start preparing him for a trip to the salon right away. Then, find a friendly environment that makes haircuts fun. 


The Versatile Role of a General Surgeon

resizedimage.phpGeneral surgery involves many different areas of medical practice. A general surgeon in Oroville diagnoses and treats diseases, helps prevent diseases, monitors recovery of patients, and performs surgical procedures. General surgeons study a wide variety of skill areas in the medical field, so they are equipped with the skills to handle many different medical situations.

Gynecology, urology, cardiology, are just three of the major fields that general surgeons are trained in. Because general surgeons are skilled in different areas of medicine, they are better able to diagnose diseases and are more adept at handling emergency care situations. Continue reading


Weight Loss Management for Seniors

34-35As American are becoming more and more overweight, the affected demographic seems to have no boundaries. People of every race, gender and class struggle with obesity, and the elderly are no exception. Seniors have a tendency to be less active and struggle with sedentary lifestyles. There are many reasons for this, including other health concerns, issues limiting physical mobility, and painful conditions such as arthritis. Seniors also have a slower metabolism than their younger counterparts do, and that can lead to weight gain as well. Some studies suggest that seniors do not receive as much nutrition as younger people do. If you are a senior looking for help with weight loss management in Redmond, contact your local weight loss center today. Continue reading

Visiting Your Dentist for Invisible Braces

A smile tells a lot about someone and is the best accessory for any face. A smile makes you feel confident and can help boost your self-esteem, but if you have crooked teeth, you may be hesitant to show your smile to others. Braces are a great way to straighten your teeth, but can make it difficult to eat some foods, make it more difficult to brush and floss, and they take two to three years to straighten your teeth.

Many people also don’t enjoy the look of braces and many adults feel it makes them seem unprofessional or juvenile. Invisible braces are a great way to straighten your teeth without the bulky look and feel of traditional metal braces. Invisible braces also take less time to straighten your teeth with the average time being only 12 to 14 months. If invisible braces are something that interests you, talk to a Manhattan Beach dentist to see if you would be a good candidate. Continue reading

Caring For Your Teeth And Gums

Some people win the teeth genetic lottery. They have naturally straight teeth that are as strong as a shark’s. Others, well let’s just say their genes left a little to be desired. No matter what kind of building blocks were used to make your teeth, taking care of them should be a top priority in your daily routine. Everything from brushing to visiting a dentist inJacksonville,FLto eating the right foods will increase your oral health.

When to Brush

Teeth need to be brushed, and brushed well, at least twice a day. The first brushing can be first thing in the morning. As you sleep, your production of saliva decreases. Saliva is the body’s Continue reading

Five Tips On Finding A Fantastic Barber

Although it may seem somewhat silly, most people care an awful lot about their hair. Since your hair is an extremely important part of your overall image, it’s good to get regular haircuts and trims to keep your hair more healthy and manageable. Most people will agree that getting a good haircut increases their self confidence. Facing the world with a solid, professional haircut can make you feel fresh and energized. Sometimes people are even attached to unattractive styles simply because they have worn that style for such a long time and are accustomed to how they look. To get the right haircut for you with the consistency that you need, you will want to find a trustworthy barber in Santa Clara who delivers just what you ask for every single time. Once you find the right barber, getting your hair cut will be an enjoyable experience. Continue reading