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How Your Local Barber Got His Groove Back

Between 2008 and 2010, the number of licensed barbers rose from 225,000 to 245,000 roughly ten percent. This is a reflection of the recent growth in popularity of traditional barber shops, which are beating out hair salons as the newest, trendiest place for men of all ages to get a trim.

Whether it’s a Bozeman or a Bethesda barber, this livelihood is back in full swing. Decked out with vintage lighting, old-school barber chairs and traditional shaving tools, these shops are rapidly becoming one of America’s most-loved pastimes again (particularly in bigger cities such as New York City and Portland). You might be wondering why barbershops are now suddenly becoming popular again, and why more and more men are choosing a traditional shave over an electric one. Here’s why. Continue reading


An Orthopedic Doctor Repairs Ligaments, Tendons, and Muscles

Most people have injured a muscle, ligament, or tendon at one time in their lives. These injuries can be the result of falls, fractures, accidents, or simply from the overuse of a certain muscle group. Many of these injuries are minor and do not require surgery or a doctor’s care, but occasionally an orthopedic doctor is needed to repair damage that will not heal on its own. An orthopedic doctor in Gulfport, MS is a physician who specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injuries. Musculoskeletal pain can caused by the normal wear and tear resulting from everyday activities or from a traumatic event or injury that causes damage to muscle tissue or the connective tissues called ligaments and tendons. Sometimes these injuries can be treated with rest, physical therapy, and exercise, and many doctors will attempt these treatments before deciding on a surgical repair. Continue reading


How Your Family Dentist Fills Cavities

Taking care of your teeth is important to have a strong and healthy smile for your life. Everyone knows they should brush and floss to keep their teeth healthy. Occasionally your teeth may get cavities but if you are following a good oral regimen, they should be few and far between. When cavities do occur, your family dentist in Greenville can take care of them and have them filled so the decay doesn’t spread. If a cavity is ignored, it will worsen over time and eventually turn into a root canal. The good news is, by visiting the dentist regularly and taking care of your mouth, cavities can be caught before they turn into root canals.

What is a Cavity?

A cavity is when plaque as built up and started to decay your tooth and make a hole in it. If the decay is only on the surface of your tooth, it is possible to reverse the damage and remineralize your tooth with fluoride treatments. However, if the cavity continues to progress and reaches the part of your tooth called the dentin, then the cavity will have to be filled to prevent it from spreading. If the cavity spreads, it can reach the inside of your tooth were the soft pulp and nerves are. This is called a root canal and because the nerve is affected, they can be really painful. Continue reading


Is a Gym Membership Right for You?

Some people spend a lot of time debating whether or not they should get or would even use a membership at a gym in Milwaukee, WI. While some people feel like going to the gym is an inconvenience because they have to go somewhere just to exercise, most people discover that getting a membership at a local gym or athletic club has some really nice perks to it.

An Investment in Your Health

Getting a gym membership is a lot like registering for college courses. Because you are making an investment, you are more motivated to work hard and do your best. After all, why spend money on something if you aren’t going to take advantage of it and get as much out of it as possible? The investment that you make in your membership represents a personal commitment that you have made to improve your health. Continue reading


Different Types Of Cosmetic Surgery

As we get older, our bodies change and sometimes that change may not fit who you feel you are inside. While some of those changes may be desirable, like a curvier figure after childbirth, other changes, like sagging breast or a drooping face can be less than desirable. Thankfully, cosmetic surgery can be done to restore your youthful appearance and make you feel like your appearance matches who you are on the inside. If you are not sure what you want done, the first step can be visiting a Macomb cosmetic surgery office to learn about your different options. Here are a few different procedures that can help restore your youthful appearance.

Facial Procedures Continue reading


Exploring And Considering Hair Transplant Cost

You may wonder what a hair transplant is. It is when hair is transferred from one part of the body to another part. So, it is taken from the back of the head and grafted into the bald parts or thinning parts of the crown or the hairline. This is the most natural solution to thinning hair because it is your own hair and it will grow in normal cycles and match your hair perfectly. Hair replacement is also done to cover scars received from an injury, surgery, or earlier hair transplants. There are many things to consider if you have thinning hair and want to get it fixed. There are places available in Madison that will perform hair transplants. Hair transplant cost in Madison is one thing to consider.

Safe Transplant Methods Continue reading


De-Stressing Your Day With A Body Wrap At A Spa

Do you have a special occasion coming up pretty soon that you are absolutely excited to go on or just need to relax after a rough day at work? Whether it is your own wedding or a trip to a distant southern island beach, you want to look your best and spas are a great place to do just that. You have probably heard from friends or family that have gone to spas who say that Fresno body wraps are wonderful and that you should try one too. Well before you run to the nearest spa you might want to know what you’re getting yourself into first.


You might have already heard plenty about body wraps, but do you know exactly what body Continue reading


Plastic Surgeons Deliver What Genetics Missed

Beauty may be subjective, but if asked if there is something about their physical appearance that they would change, most people have no trouble finding a physical feature that they wish was different. For some it is a small alteration to their face that will leave them feeling better about whom they are. Nose jobs are the most common form for cosmetic surgery that is performed, but there are scores of enhancement and adjustments that can be made to create the ideal look of beauty.

Inside the offices of Idaho Falls plastic surgeons a patient can receive information that will guide their decision about a specific procedure. In addition to reshaping a nose or changing the shape of an eyelid, the doctors are able to enhance eyelashes, lips and even chins. Cheekbones that are in need of a little work can be adjusted to deliver a look that is found on the faces of fashion models. Continue reading


The Therapeutic Uses of Phentramin-D

There are many products that are currently being advertised on the internet as miraculous agents for weight loss. They are claimed to lead massive reductions in weight overnight. Many dieters fall for these lies and end up being very disappointed in the end. The agent Phentramin-d is one of the few drugs that have been researched and scientifically proven to be effective in this area.


This agent is different from another the drug phentermine which is used in the management of obesity. As with many other amphetamine derivatives, the use of phentermine is strictly controlled in many countries. It is issued only with prescription. Phentramin-d, on the other hand is given over the counter. In fact, it may even be purchased over the internet.


The drug contains two main active ingredients namely, 1, 3-dimethypentylamine hydrochloride and 1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine. These two compounds work closely with another chemical known as cyclic AMP. They increase the rate of metabolism and the burning of excessive fatty tissue. Being a sympathomimetic amine, the drug also improves the function of the sympathetic nervous system.

Continue reading


The Essential Dental Work You Need Completed

When is the last time you visited the dentist? If it was in the last six months, you’re in pretty good shape. Hopefully you received a professional cleaning, x-rays, and a clean bill of health from your dentist. Regular dentist visits should be made twice a year. If you can’t remember the last time you sat in a dentist’s chair then you should pick up the phone right away. The state of your oral health depends on it. In fact, the three steps to avoiding tooth decay include regular exposure to fluoride, regular dental cleanings, and limited exposure to the foods that cause tooth decay. If you haven’t visited your dentist for Orem, Utah, dental work lately, here are a few essential procedures you need.

Professional Tooth Cleaning

During almost every regularly scheduled visit to a dentist, you will receive a professional cleaning from a licensed dental hygienist. This cleaning is essential in preventing many oral health problems. During the cleaning, your hygienist will use special tools to remove the plaque or calcium buildup on your teeth. If you have a genetic propensity for plaque, these visits are even more important. Removing calcium or tartar gets rid of areas where bacteria thrive. Once this has been accomplished, your hygienist will use a special tool to polish the surfaces of your teeth. Continue reading