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Five Tips On Finding A Fantastic Barber

Although it may seem somewhat silly, most people care an awful lot about their hair. Since your hair is an extremely important part of your overall image, it’s good to get regular haircuts and trims to keep your hair more healthy and manageable. Most people will agree that getting a good haircut increases their self confidence. Facing the world with a solid, professional haircut can make you feel fresh and energized. Sometimes people are even attached to unattractive styles simply because they have worn that style for such a long time and are accustomed to how they look. To get the right haircut for you with the consistency that you need, you will want to find a trustworthy barber in Santa Clara who delivers just what you ask for every single time. Once you find the right barber, getting your hair cut will be an enjoyable experience. Continue reading

What Type Of Barber Shop Do You Need?

barberAre you a man trying to find somewhere to get your hair cut? Maybe you’re looking to pamper yourself and have someone clean up your facial hair too. Do you need to find some shaving and hair care products? Do you need some tips and tricks to help you with a more successful shave? Are you a woman looking for a great gift your that special man in your life? You can go to a barber shop in San Diego to find all of your barbering needs.

Services, Social, And Schooling

Barber shops used to be very common, you could find one almost anywhere.These days it isn’t as common for you to see one, but they still exist.You will probably be more likely to find one in a rural area. Majority of barber shops are a place for men to get their hair cut. Continue reading


Barbershops Are an American Tradition

2-11From the late 1800s until around the time of World War II, barbershops were more than just a place to get a quick, cost efficient haircut and shave. Barbershops during those times were a place for men to hang out with one another, to fraternize, and to feel like men. During this time, disposable and electric razors were not yet invented and shaving was not an easy task. A barbershop was one of the most effective means of remaining clean shaven. Saloons were the hotspot of the evening, but in the daytime, barbershops were the place for men to be. Unlike saloons, however, barbershops were often settings of class. Some barbershops even contained painted art on the ceilings. Many men visited a barber shop in Indianapolis in order to forget their troubles, while spending quality time with cherished friends. Continue reading


How Discerning Minds Choose a Barber Shop

43Shaving is a ritual that originated centuries ago, first using two shells to scrape away unwanted hair. With advances in the process of shaving, the importance and value of a good, clean shave have increased. The tools are available, the practice is well studied, and the aesthetic advantages are celebrated, primarily by the women who stroke a clean cheek with tender fingers. Finding the ideal barber shop in Sherman Oaks is the perfect way to indulge in the experience and to take part in this historical practice.

Look for the Barber Pole

Maybe the striped pole outside the front door is not absolutely necessary, but avoiding the unisex salon is. If they offer a shave, which many do not, the one-size-fits-all setting will likely not have staff trained in the delicacy and patience required for the perfect shave. Find a location that specializes in men’s services. Continue reading


How Your Local Barber Got His Groove Back

Between 2008 and 2010, the number of licensed barbers rose from 225,000 to 245,000 roughly ten percent. This is a reflection of the recent growth in popularity of traditional barber shops, which are beating out hair salons as the newest, trendiest place for men of all ages to get a trim.

Whether it’s a Bozeman or a Bethesda barber, this livelihood is back in full swing. Decked out with vintage lighting, old-school barber chairs and traditional shaving tools, these shops are rapidly becoming one of America’s most-loved pastimes again (particularly in bigger cities such as New York City and Portland). You might be wondering why barbershops are now suddenly becoming popular again, and why more and more men are choosing a traditional shave over an electric one. Here’s why. Continue reading


Choosing Between a Barber Shop or Salon

Thanks to numerous pop culture references (for instance, hit TV show Mad Men), maintaining a fashionable look from top to bottom is becoming more important for men. While having facial hair is still a style that many men embrace, getting a great haircut and shave is just as important. The question remains, should you go to a barbershop or a salon? Either way, getting a great look does wonders for your self-esteem and your style. Here are some pros and cons of choosing between a salon and a barbershop in Sacramento.

Is Camaraderie Important To You?

Just as much as salons are seen as a gathering place for women, the same could be said for barbershops for men. Barbershops could be seen as a less sketchy option compared to seedy bars for men to gather and trade life stories and joke around. Continue reading