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It’s Important to Have a Scoliosis Screening

fitmoversYou’ve been suffering with backaches for such a long time, but haven’t really tried to figure out why. You probably just pop an aspirin and go about your day. Dealing with chronic pain seems like a life sentence, one that you just have to deal with. It doesn’t always have to be that way; some back conditions can be managed successfully while others can even be cured. Don’t assume that you’ll always be in pain or that there’s nothing that can be done about it. You can start with seeing your doctor to have your back pain evaluated. Your primary care doctor is experienced in evaluating these kinds of situations so there’s no need to try to find a specialist right off the bat. While with your doctor you’ll likely get a scoliosis screening, X rays and a physical exam. It’s important to be screened for scoliosis; finding out what’s wrong is an important step in managing your pain. Continue reading


Does a Psychologist Use Color Therapy?

stk63825corThink about where you are sitting right now.  What colors surround you?  If you’ve ever tried to eat off of an appetite-curbing blue plate, you can confirm that colors change our moods.  Colors are used throughout our culture by businesses, home decorators, and restaurants to entice and invite.  A Windsor psychologist uses many different ways to get to the bottom of a person’s emotions, and color might be a way to channel emotions.  But is it a reliable source of treatment?

History of Colors

Colors have been used in therapy for centuries and are still commonplace in China.  The model of thinking suggests that colors you wear can illicit specific responses in you psyche.  For example, if you choose to wear an inviting color like white, others will feel compelled to be your friend.  It’s a great color to wear on the first day of work.  Continue reading


What to Know about Bioidentical Hormones

Are you experiencing menopause? Many women consider getting bioidentical hormones in Columbus to help them with the change. They are also helpful for any hormone deficiencies in younger women, as well as thyroid problems. Before considering taking the hormones for yourself, you should know some basics about what they do so that you can make an educated decision.

What Are Bioidentical Hormones?

The hormones consist of beta-estradiol, estriol, estrone, and progesterone. The hormones are called bioidentical because they behave just like the hormones that women’s bodies create themselves before they go through menopause. The body cannot know the difference. By taking the hormones, the symptoms of menopause are significantly decreased. Continue reading


Creating Your Osteoarthritis Treatment Plan

Having been diagnosed with osteoarthritis can make you depressed and worried about what the future holds. Osteoarthritis treatment in Orange County gives you the optimism and hope that you will be able to gain relief and respite from your debilitating disease.

A Cracked Bone

You are confident that you can find a treatment for your aging bones so that you can live your life pain free and mobile. Osteoarthritis affects your bones as you begin the aging process. It can become a part of anyone’s life and can make your day by day living sore and stiff. Treating the issue will not banish the disease, but you may find a medication that is fast acting and can slow down the progression of bone damage. Finding a rheumatologist to work with and create an action plan is the best step to take. Your specialist will perform an x-ray so that it can be determined where on your body and what bones in your body are affected from this disease. You will then be given some medication options to help reduce the pain and the swelling that may come with the bone deformities. Many medications can take months to work, so becoming patient and persistent will allow you to find one that functions well for you and your aching body. Continue reading


The Benefits of Using a Massage Chair

If you encounter lower or upper back pain on a daily basis, using a massage chair will allow you to feel rested, less stiff and decreased pain. This massager can act as a tool to help you feel more comfortable until you are able to see specialist to treat your symptoms.

A Rested Shoulder

Having your backed massaged by a chair can give you the respite that you need for painful and tight muscles. Many are designed to act as if a masseuse is working on your tender areas. Continue reading


Looking for Obstetrics for Your Pregnancy

Your personal health is one of the most important things in your life, and when it goes wrong or you’re feeling unwell it can make a huge difference to your everyday living. If you’re pregnant, you’ll know that keeping yourself healthy throughout the duration of your pregnancy is key to keeping the baby healthy, so you will need to look for Lewisville, TX obstetrics to give you all the help and advice that you need.

What Do Obstetricians Do

Many general gynecologists also provide obstetrician services, so there are a variety of obstetrician options for you and your baby. An obstetrician will be able to organize any necessary tests and exams, counsel you about your baby, and ultimately be there for the birth to help you throughout the process. An obstetrician is an essential part of growing a healthy baby, and they can give you the expert advice you need to feel comfortable and to have peace of mind. Continue reading


An Orthopedic Doctor Repairs Ligaments, Tendons, and Muscles

Most people have injured a muscle, ligament, or tendon at one time in their lives. These injuries can be the result of falls, fractures, accidents, or simply from the overuse of a certain muscle group. Many of these injuries are minor and do not require surgery or a doctor’s care, but occasionally an orthopedic doctor is needed to repair damage that will not heal on its own. An orthopedic doctor in Gulfport, MS is a physician who specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injuries. Musculoskeletal pain can caused by the normal wear and tear resulting from everyday activities or from a traumatic event or injury that causes damage to muscle tissue or the connective tissues called ligaments and tendons. Sometimes these injuries can be treated with rest, physical therapy, and exercise, and many doctors will attempt these treatments before deciding on a surgical repair. Continue reading


Three Reasons You Should Not Put Off Seeing An Orthopedic Doctor

This society is hard on their feet. With the running to and fro and working so hard with bad shoes with no support is not great. This country has the highest rate of foot surgeries because of all this running around without the best care for feet. These problems also happen because so many people try to play the tough act and put off getting seen by the Canton orthopedic doctor when they know there is a problem. Here are three reasons why that hesitation is a bad idea.

The Problem Can Get Worse Fast

Since you use your feet pretty much every day, any problem that occurs with them is hard to Continue reading


The Benefits Of Having Physical Therapy

No matter what age we are, it always seems that there is some pain or ache that is causing us discomfort. Whether this pain comes from too much physical exertion, injury, disease, or age, it will often hinder our normal schedules and perhaps our entire way of life. Things that were once easy tasks are now slow and painstaking. Painkillers can help to numb the pain but those seeking to reduce or eliminate the pain all together should seek out a physical therapist. Even your local Columbus, OH physical therapy office will have a trained professional who can help with any of your needs, no matter how specialized they may be. A physical therapist will help to eliminate the pain that you are feeling, ease chronic conditions that can occur in childhood or through age, and prevent future injuries or problems. Continue reading


Urgent Care Vs. Emergency Room—Where Should You Take Your Child?

Children are a blessing, but they are rarely convenient. A toddler who is all smiles and mischief during the day (when the pediatrician’s office is open), will usually wait until the middle of the night to start vomiting and crying with a high fever. Your fifteen-year-old daughter won’t sprain her ankle in her two o’clock p.m. volleyball practice, she will wait until the eight o’clock p.m. game. As a parent, you want nothing more than to see your child well taken care of, so here is some information to help you decide whether you need to go to the ER for the late night mishap, or if a Roswell urgent care clinic will be sufficient.

Fevers and Illnesses Continue reading