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Nardo’s Natural and Pampering Your Skin

4-5The skin is a fascinating part of the human anatomy. It breaths, it grows and it’s the only part of our body that gets exposed to the elements. The dermis, as it’s known, is the only layer of protection that our muscles, bones and internal organs have against the harsh conditions that exist outside of our body. Skin problems are extremely painful and bothersome, especially if they come as a result of poor hygiene. Since the skin is considered an organ in its own right, keeping it clean and healthy is extremely important. Dermatologists all around the world advocate for certain regimens to keep your skin healthy and problem free. Nardo’s natural is one of several organic products aimed at providing the best possible care for the epidermis, especially since organic elements are gaining popularity amongst even the most stalwart of baby boomers. Continue reading


Soap Nuts Are an Eco-friendly Alternative to Chemical Detergents

If you are familiar with soap nuts, you will know that they are an environmentally friendly alternative to common household cleaners.  Many of the cleaning products that you use on a regular basis to clean your home contain dangerous chemicals.  You only need to read the warning labels on these types of products to know that they can be harmful.

Harsh chemical detergents can not only be dangerous to your health, but they can harm the environment as well.  If you are concerned about using these types of cleaning agents, a more natural and organic product may be a good solution for you. Continue reading