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How the Supplement Protandim Battles Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress

supplementsOur environment is teeming with toxins that contribute to free radicals in our body. Free radicals are molecules that search the body for electrons and damage cells, DNA and proteins along the way. The harmful effects of these unchecked free radicals can be Parkinson’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, muscular dystrophy, and diabetes just to name a few.

So how can these free radicals be combated? Usually, the body will naturally combat these free radicals through the body’s natural antioxidant defense system; however, sometimes this defense system isn’t strong enough to combat free radicals by itself. A new supplement, called Protandim, activates the body’s cells’ natural defense system, thus reducing the free radicals roaming unrestrained throughout the body. Continue reading


The Therapeutic Uses of Phentramin-D

There are many products that are currently being advertised on the internet as miraculous agents for weight loss. They are claimed to lead massive reductions in weight overnight. Many dieters fall for these lies and end up being very disappointed in the end. The agent Phentramin-d is one of the few drugs that have been researched and scientifically proven to be effective in this area.


This agent is different from another the drug phentermine which is used in the management of obesity. As with many other amphetamine derivatives, the use of phentermine is strictly controlled in many countries. It is issued only with prescription. Phentramin-d, on the other hand is given over the counter. In fact, it may even be purchased over the internet.


The drug contains two main active ingredients namely, 1, 3-dimethypentylamine hydrochloride and 1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine. These two compounds work closely with another chemical known as cyclic AMP. They increase the rate of metabolism and the burning of excessive fatty tissue. Being a sympathomimetic amine, the drug also improves the function of the sympathetic nervous system.

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Protandim and Great Health Tips

How Do You Feel About Yourself?

Hollywood and the media portray impossible standards of beauty. Don’t feel discouraged when television shows talk about these new standards of what is considered pretty. You need to know that you can look more beautiful and feel better about yourself by practicing healthy habits. Do you exercise on a regular basis? Do you enjoy eating healthy? There are things that virtually everyone can do to help improve their health and overall wellness.

Getting the Right Amount of Sleep


Drink More Water, Make it a HabitAre you going to the gym or finding excuses? Some common excuses are feelings of discomfort while working out in front of others, not having enough time, and not enjoying working out. If you feel uncomfortable in front of others, consider working out in the comfort of your own home. There is no shame in doing pushups, crunches, and other forms of home exercise. Exercise videos can make the process more fun and entertaining. For those individuals who claim that there is not enough time, working out at home can help. Imagine being able to work out right after you drop the kids off at the bus stop. If you can’t find fifteen minutes to work out during the day, you should consider loosening up your schedule. Being busy and stressed to such a degree that you don’t have a few minutes to rest or work out can cause psychological and physical harm. For some, purchasing a gym membership can foster a sense of commitment that helps get to out and exercise.

Have you ever considered taking supplements? It seems that every day vitamins and supplements are getting better. Taking the right vitamins and minerals can help increase your energy and health. Many vitamins offer great antioxidants and powerful boosts to your immune system. When it comes to a slightly more effective and powerful supplement for antioxidant support, you should research products such as Protandim.

Great Nutrition Doesn’t Have to Taste Horrible

Leisure time can do more for your health than you would think. Hard work, exercise, and nutrition are important, but if you don’t take a little bit of time for yourself, stress is likely to take its toll. Leisure time, productive hobbies, and wholesome family time can be therapeutic. When you get the right amount of rest and relaxation, you are better able to tackle the extensive to-do lists that life throws at you. Continue reading