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Weight Loss Management for Seniors

34-35As American are becoming more and more overweight, the affected demographic seems to have no boundaries. People of every race, gender and class struggle with obesity, and the elderly are no exception. Seniors have a tendency to be less active and struggle with sedentary lifestyles. There are many reasons for this, including other health concerns, issues limiting physical mobility, and painful conditions such as arthritis. Seniors also have a slower metabolism than their younger counterparts do, and that can lead to weight gain as well. Some studies suggest that seniors do not receive as much nutrition as younger people do. If you are a senior looking for help with weight loss management in Redmond, contact your local weight loss center today. Continue reading


Look Younger with Skin Tightening and Other Treatments

Aging is a natural process, but just because you are getting older, doesn’t mean you have to look older. Many people today are taking advantage of modern developments in skin care technology to look and feel younger. When you search skin tightening in Parker, you will find a reputable wellness center ready to assist you and help you reach your goals.

Skin Care Services

Aesthetic and wellness centers offer a variety of services to help you feel and look amazing. You can choose from a number of non-invasive skin care treatments designed to help you maintain a more youthful appearance. Treatments are available for both women and men of all ages. Continue reading