The Ins and Outs of the Mangosteen

The word magosteen was very rarely heard in the United States until a recent company called Xango introduced it in drink form. While the word mangosteen might sound like a bad name for a heavy metal band, it is actually what is considered a super fruit. Super fruits are those fruits that contain a high amount of nutrients and healthy chemicals, so much so that they completely outclass other more common fruits such as apples and grapes. These nutrients rich fruits are usually only found in tropical regions and the local cultures in these areas have used the fruits for centuries in order to eat and to make medicine. Now that these fruits are becoming more available to the rest of the world, it is believed that they can offer a person nutrients and chemicals that can make them healthier and more immune to disease. The mangosteen is one of the most nutrient rich super fruits. Here is its history and what it can offer.

History of the Mangosteen

The mangosteen can be found in Southeast Asia, its natural habitat. The local residents in this area have been eating the fruit and using it for different types of medicine for a long time. The fruit itself is extremely nutrient rich, but its rind and skin can be ground down to a powder that offers a variety of different chemicals and nutrients that can help to fight disease. A popular legend is that Queen Victoria offered knighthood to anyone that could bring her a mangosteen in good condition. This was impossible due to the length of travel and the fragility of the fruit. Even today, it is almost impossible to ship the mangosteen from its location. Due to this problem, companies have begun to harvest and process the mangosteen on the spot, creating nutrient rich juices and supplements.

Benefits of the Mangosteen

The first benefit of the mangosteen is the fact that it is extremely nutrient rich. The fruit contains a high level of many important vitamins. The most important and unique aspect of the fruit is a group of chemicals that it contains called xanthones. These chemicals have been strongly tied to helping to support the basic functions of the different systems within your body. They are also known for their ability to reduce free radicals, which are the ultimate cause of cancer, aging, and many other diseases. Xango also promotes their mangosteen juices as being able to give you a natural energy boost while protecting almost every aspect of your body.